Codename Χρήματα · (Chrímata) n pl

  1. Money

A visually good looking app to help you manage your money efficiently.

Coming Soon

Homepage of Codename Chrímata in a desktop browser.



Chrímata does just a few things, but do them well. It centres its core in tracking and managing your and your family money movements.

Self Hosted

Sensitive data should always stay private. So, it makes sense to give complete control of the application installation and how it should work.

Wherever you need to go, it goes with you

Built for the web, Chrímata works seamlessly both in your desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Bonus! A Desktop Companion App

Time is money. Having that in mind, a companion app will be created to let you quickly add movements, see your stats, and also notify you of your closer ones' movements.

That easy!

Coming Soon!